Red ButtonOn/Off / Back
Yellow ButtonDelete
Green ButtonEnter
2x Red ButtonMain Menu
F ButtonExtra Menu
F Button
Extra Menu
1 ResetReset Device
2 SIM & SignalCheck Internet Connection
3 GPRS UPRestore Internet Connection
4 IMEIIMEI Device Number
5 GPRS DownStop Internet Connection
6 Phone DialCheck SIM Connection
2x F ButtonExtra Menu Page 2
1 IMSIIMSI SIM Card Number
2 UpdateUpdate Device
Print Credit

A) Choose “#1 Telco” in the main menu
B) Choose Provider
C) Chose the product of the provider
eVoucher will be printed.

Update Device

A) Press 1x “F”
B) Press 1—Reset
C) Device will be updated

Change Paper Roll

A) Open the paper roll holder
B) Change the Paper Roll
C) Press the Green Button

Copy of Your Receipt

Right after printing the receipt, press the green button to print the
copy receipt.

Download the mPOS Instruction Manual for print.